Disney to Make Sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”

How did this one come up?!

Disney is going to release a sequel to the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. It’s set to come to theaters on May 27, 2016. Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska are both going to reprise their roles as The Mad Hatter and Alice. 

There are a few critical points that make this idea (for lack of a better term) stupid. 

First of all, Tim Burton isn’t going to be directing. James Bobin, director of The Muppets will be taking over. This can actually be good or bad. It’s good in the sense that since the first Alice in Wonderland was lame and shameful, a new director might not be a bad idea. And Bobin isn’t a bad choice since The Muppets turned out to be a knockout even without Jim Henson. So Bobin might actually have what it takes to take over legendary directors. But the bad news is that without Burton, it’s doubtful that this sequel will have any black trees, grey clouds or demented creatures. Burton’s style is engravingly morbid and intoxicating. But Burton didn’t create too much of it in the original and if he had the chance, then maybe the sequel could have more. 

Perhaps Bobin can still make something eerie…but nowhere near Burton’s style.

With the exception of a potentially decent new director, the idea of an Alice in Wonderland sequel does not scream any positive vibes. The original was a complete let-down that had zero connection or understanding to what makes Alice in Wonderland a great story. The characters had completely lost touch with what Lewis Carroll and Disney animation created. Plus, the writing was shotty and the plot was dull. Not to mention, the character of Alice didn’t possess a single spark of charismatic energy. 

So Disney wants to make a continuous story of something that was dumb-tacular to begin with?

Insert a massive amount of eye-rolls here…


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